Garadget open for 49710 days

I am getting crazy push notifications on my iPhone claiming that my garage door has been opened for 49710 days or 136 years. Obviously this is a bit of an issue :slight_smile:

Do you have any suggestions?


Please try resetting your unit by pressing “R” button on it.

I had the same thing happen last week when I had it going offline every couple minutes. Then if threw in the offline for 49710 days. Rechecked my networks and got rid of the offline by making sure I was on my 5g network. but now I am in Colorado, grand junction on vacation and it is going crazy. Offline then on then off. I was able to get in to shut down the notifications for those by persisting but this frustrating to say the least. What does it take to add a wifi antenna? Will that fix the issue?

Adding antenna will not hurt, but also can be related to power source.
In either way, this isn’t something that you can address remotely.

What are you up to in Junction? I can give you the antenna so you can add it to you unit when you’re back home.

Visiting family here and enjoying the weather, scenery, hiking. I’m staying in the Redlands area until Sunday morning. Let me know where to meet up with you. The Garadget has worked most of the time with a some long runs of offline/online that I found, I thought, was more my local wifi. I have been mostly pleased with it.
Thanks for the help

There’s a lot to enjoy in the area - great natural resources, not so much when it comes to culture :wink:
Let me know if you’re going to be out in Canyon View Park area, I’ll give you an antenna for your unit.

Was there this morning just before your post. Peach Festival today. Saturday afternoon

I am a few miles away just other side of the river. How do I meet up with you before I leave GJ early Sunday morning?