Garadget reports open door when closed and vice versa

With my door open, it reports closed and shows 99% reflectivity. If I go to close it, it shows it opening and 0 reflectivity. I tried bypassing the garadget and manually closing it so it matched the app. Then, with the door closed and it reporting closed, I hit open on the app and it shows the door opening but the opener isn’t doing anything. This puts it out of sync and it will then close on the app, but open the door. I’ve tried manually correcting it, unplugging it, and reversing the wires to the switch (knowing polarity doesn’t matter, but getting irritated!). It works great other than being totally backwards lol

Hi Jake,
Do you experience the same effect in the web app?

Yes, it reports the same

So in the web app you can see the reflection reported in 90s while the laser is not pointed at anything reflective?

No it shows zero and the door open in browser, but the door is closed.

Ok, we’ll get to the closed door next. At this time I’m trying to confirm the earlier statement:

With my door open, it reports closed and shows 99% reflectivity.

Do I understand it correctly that with laser not poined at anything reflective you see web app reporting the reflection in 90s?

No. With the door closed and it pointing at a dull wall 8 ft away, it reports 0 reflectivity, but the app thinks the door is open for some reason.

With the door open, it reflects around 99%, but the app thinks it’s closed.

Everything works as it should other than it thinks it’s closed when it’s open and vice versa. The alerts even say the door is closing when it’s opening, etc

The reflector tag should be placed in such way that the laser is pointed at it when the door is fully closed and the reflector moves away or gets blocked as soon as the door starts opening.

The most common setups are:

  • with the door fully closed, point the laser at the center of the top door’s panel and attach the reflective tag where the laser is pointed. It is possible that the laser will move slightly in coming day as adhesive in Garadget mount settles in. You may want to use some scotch tape for temporarily attaching the reflector at first.

  • with the door fully closed point the laser about an inch above the top door’s panel and attach the reflective tag on the wall. This way the door will break the beam as soon as it starts moving.

Oh my, I feel dumb. I read that wrong during the install. I have the reflector on the top edge of the door so it reads when it’s open. I’ll have to put the reflector in the correct spot tomorrow. Makes perfect sense now. Wow lol. Thanks for the quick replies and patience!