Garadget Skill for Amazon Echo (Alexa)

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From testers’ reports it appears that “My Garadget” invocation is also not always working.
Now the invocation in test skill is “Smart Garage” as in “Alexa, tell Smart Garage to close all doors”.
Those testing, please let me know if this works 100% of the time.
More testers are welcome (invite link).


OK after testing the new invocation “Ask Smart Garage” I have to say it works 100% of the time perfectly

No issues with Garagieo at all

Thank you for your great support


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll work on getting the new skill certified. This will take more coding as Amazon keeps changing the certification criteria and now they require the use of at least 4 digit pin for unlocking/disarming any doors or locks.


I am still having the same problems as before.I would like the new link for smart garage if possible


Please PM me your Alexa/Amazon account email and I’ll send the invite.


How are the Alexa changes coming?


Would be better if the user can customize the Invocation Name. Echo doesn’t always understand “garadget”


It would be awesome, the only thing is that Amazon doesn’t support it and the invocation phrase can’t even be updated for the published skill.


Any tips on phonetics so that echo understands better?

I have the Sensi thermostat and i can name it whatever i want and echo is able to understand. Shucks


I’ve got the response from Amazon that they are soon deploying the solution to this issue.
For now there’s option to join the test group for the same skill with the “Smart Garage” invocation which works better. Please PM me your amazon account email and I’ll send you the invite.

Another option is to use IFTTT integration with Alexa.


Jst sent you a pm-

I dnt know much about thr ifttr


Invite sent.
Re IFTTT: check it out, there are many automation possibilities there.


Is there a plan to allow the Garadget skill for Alexa in Australia?

Right now it is only showing as available in “English (CA), English (GB), English (US), German (DE)” and when I search for it in Alexa app it shows no results.


Yes, should be too hard to implement. Will get it done. Please PM your amazon account email for testing invite.


Alexa skill garadget fails to log in. Have garadget account already. Getting error “User credentials are invalid”. gees, didn’t know I need credentials!


Alexa skill should work with your regular Garadget credentials.
Do the credentials you attempt to use with Alexa skill work for the web interface?


Using my app login worked. All is good now. For some reason my web account wouldn’t.


The update for the original skill with “Garadget” invocation has been approved by Amazon and it is now live.
Supported locales are:

  • English US
  • English GB
  • English AU
  • German

Coming soon: English (India). There’s also an option for Japanese; please speak up if anybody would like that added.

It appears that the situation with invocation collision with Garagieo has improved. I’ve received a reliable response every time I spoke the name clearly. Please post your results.


not working
Current skill not enabled by Creator has removed
I see Garadget and disabled and re-enabled it but it still says the same
Also Smart Garage is gone
Please advise


I re-started the test for “Smart Garage”.
There should be no issue accessing the regular (non-developer) Garadget skill. Please let me know if this is not the case.