Garadget Skill for Amazon Echo (Alexa)

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What is the access code and connection id it is asking for when linking the Alexa and Garadget accounts?


That was work in progress, I switched to the previous authorization screen. Please give it a try.


Thanks, works perfect now.


Is anyone else unable to discover their Garadget with Alexa? (It works fine through the Garadget app)
And also, it DOES work when I say, “Alexa, tell Smart Garage to open/close”, however, the device is not discovering, therefore it is not listing on the Alexa Smart Home page with my other devices.


Garadget is not currently integrated with Echo as smart home device.

Alexa Smart Home Skill API doesn’t offer support for the garage doors and until recently did not support opening/unlocking/disarming voice commands for any of the devices. The closest supported device in their documentation is a door lock. We are considering using that as a temporary option until Amazon expands the list of the supported devices.


OK thanks for the reply Denis. I assumed if the device works by Alexa voice command, that it would automatically be discovered and shown as a smart home device. I did not realize there could be a separation between the two.


This is why thy came up with the Smart Garage skill to use with Garadget instead.


If or when Garadget is supported as a device, will it automatically appears in the Smart Home devices in the Alexa App? I would like to put it into a routine so when I go to bed I have Alexa turn everything off and lock the door. It would be nice to add close garage door to it also.


Apart from Alexa, if you make sure your door is closed at night, you can enable an night alert in the app or use IFTTT recipe.


Yes, being supported as a smart device within Alexa would be an awesome addition. Setting “routines” with Garadget would make this product even more awesome!


Adding to my other post.
It works great with Alexa, actually it’s the only way we can close the garage door now because the button to close the door from the inside of the house is broken :hushed: but I had to use Smart Garage Skill for it to work better. Be sure to use the command “Tell Smart Garage to close the door”. I have to sign in every once in a while on the app though, it seems not to keep me logged in. I’m not sure :thinking: if it’s because I use two different devices or not. But all in all it works great :+1:t2: