Garage door keeps opening and closing

The title says it all. Has been working OK. Don’t have a clue.

I’ll need some more information.

  • Do you mean the actual door is moving up or down or you are getting notifications from the app that the door is opening and closing without the actual door moving?
  • Is the laser hitting the center of the reflective tag when the door is fully closed?
  • Do you have windows in your garage?

The actual door is going up and down. It’s done it about 6-8 times today, mostly this PM. There is a window on the west side of the garage. It is cloudy. The garage door faces south. The laser is hitting the center of the reflective dot.

Garadget doesn’t autonomously operate the door. It takes the command from the server for door to move.
Do you have any home automation or IFTTT integrations activated in your account?
For a good measure I would suggest changing the password. If issue persists, try temporarily disconnecting the control wire between Garadget and your opener to see if that make any difference.

Don’t have any IFTTT automation. Don’t know what you mean by home automation.

Garaget offers integration with number of home automation systems. Please proceed with the password change and if issue persists with the temporary disconnect of the control wire. Let me know how it goes.

@dalewebb this happened to me when I was installing Garadget initially. In my case it was because I was inserting the Garadget wires together with others into my Garage door opener and it was not sitting in tightly. If this is the case you can connect the Garadget wire with other wires together and insert ONE wire into the small hole in the garage door opener. Hope this helps.

I installed mine several years ago and loving it every day! Prompt customer support by Denis @garadget is most excellent!

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@MrD I agree. I love my Garadget too. I had one issue some time ago and Denis resovled it quickly.

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Thanks for the moral support. I’ve given up and unplugged it.

Probably a long shot- but I just had a very similar problem, involving false activations. The switch terminals were being shorted by a metal washer. When a nut worked itself off of one of the bolts securing the screw track to the main power head, the accompanying washer eventually fell away and landed behind the terminals for the wall switch. As the unit was operating, the vibrations caused intermittent contact, effectively closing the circuit. Repeated attempts to close the door only resulted in smoking the starter capacitor.