Garage door opens 6inch and stops

I have just setup a new garadget. I had to wire it to a remote as my unit has security 2.0. when I go into the app to open the door it goes up 6inches and stops. It closes fine if door is open. Any suggestions?

Sounds like the button is getting double tap as if Garadget is in stopped state. Please try following:
Close the door using the wall button and confirm that the sensor reports it as closed in the app.
Try opening from the app now. If that doesn’t help, PM me the ID of your unit, I’ll look at the event logs.

My doors have been working well except for delay of opening at times. Sometimes the response is slow. I have a new problem now. The door opens only few inches and stops. Do you have any explanation


Please close the door with the wall button and verify that the app reports the door as closed. If the status is not correctly reported, make sure that the laser is still pointed at the center of the reflective tag and there’s sufficient reflection. When the door is close the reflection rate in settings should be well above the threshold setting.

Here’s what has happened:

  1. you sent the command to close the door and the door started to close
  2. when the door fully closed, the sensor failed to detect it and without the confirmation the controller decided that the door stopped half way.
  3. knowing that the door is closed you sent the command to open it. Controller thinking that the door is half open issued the command to open from half opened state which happens to be two button clicks.
  4. first button click started opening the door, second button click stopped it shortly after

If low reflection is the reason for the sensor issue, please check out this conversation.