Garage just closed on its own

OK - a few weeks ago the wife said the door opened on its own. I checked with the kids that have the apps on their phone and no-one did this. As I was not there, I cant vouch for it.

HOWEVER, I was just washing the car and the garage closed on me - only a few minutes before, I had my new Audi S3 half in and half out - I would NOT be happy if it closed on its own only a few minutes before. I checked all the usual people - no-one did this. I think it is therefor imperative that we have some sort of central application logging for open/close commands and from which device as this could be a security nightmare. I am not implicitly blaming the garadget as it could be an issue with the garage door opener or a short in the switch itself - but the garadget log of open/close commands sent would have proven this one way or another. The garadget apps have NOT been used to open/close at all today (Australia 2 June) so it would be easy to see one way or another.


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Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I agree this is something that should be added soon.
If you have IFTTT integration, please check their event log as it is frequently the source of the unexpected door activation.


In IFTTT the only thing I have is a close at 22:30 each night.

Nothing else in there.


Further to that - no garadget activity in IFTTT.

It seems this just opened again for no reason… As the garage is open to my house, if this happened, and I got robbed, I would have to wonder if the Insurance would pay out on this. How soon do you think we would have an event log of requests on garadget to open the door ?

This is not a quick fix because it requires the support from the device, server and all of the client apps and integrations. The support for this will be incorporated into the coming releases, but it will be some time before this feature becomes available.

If you suspect unauthorized access, please change your password. If you suspect the hardware failure, please disconnect the opener’s control wire until the issue is resolved. You might want to keep the state alerts enabled to know when the door opens.

This problem exists with my two garages. I have tried to find an answer for months. It is over 6 months since I installed the two garage doors with Garadget. I find randomly the doors open. While I was on holiday I had the Garadget disconnected from the power supply. yet whenever someone opened my garages manually I received notification on my ST app. The doors work well with the app but integration with ST for routines does not always work

@Atily, the Garadget integration with SmartThings has not been developed by, and is not an official Garadget Integration.

I am the developer, and i have also stopped using SmartThings because the cloud scheduler within SmartThings is unreliable at best. i will say this though, if you are using the standard routines in SmartThings, i would recommend switching to using CoRE for configuring your automation, it has a more robust method for both recovering state when this is lost, as well as managing missed schedules. but ultimately i imagine as your IOT solution grows and becomes more complex, you will fall out of love with SmartThings.

I love the community, and the development environment for the most part. but the reliability just killed it for me and since i have moved to Homeseer i’ve not been happier, things just work as they should and i no longer spend lots of time trying to troubleshoot the ghost in the machine.

@fuzzyligic, Thank you, Could the Garadget work on its own through the app sensing my android to open the door.?

Yes, Garadget doesn’t require the use of home automation hub and can be used as stand alone device with its Android, iOS or web apps.

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So, I’ve just set up my garadget last week, and initially was having this same issue. Turned out that the lazer was moving slightly Along with the garadge mechanism when the door was activated, and was moving between the garadge door and another part of the mechanism only a few inches from the fixing point. It was this very subtle movement that was causing it to activate randomly.

I have resituated my garadget directly onto the roof of the garadge rather than on the garage door drive unit now. Gives it more height and a better angle for an unobstructed view of the door. Been working fine since then.

Also used IFTTT to setup a log in a spreadsheet on google drive every time the garadget does something. Works great!!

Maybe this could work for you too.