Garage opening and closing notifications

Help me please. My garage door works perfectly via the app - open and closes when it should.
I do however have an annoying problem. When the app is activated to either open or close the door i get anywhere from about 10 to 20 notifications saying door is now open, door door is now closed, door is now open etc etc etc. coming through on my smart device.

it is really annoying it even occurs when someone else in my group activates the door so i dont know if its open or closed.

hope you can help me to rectify

Please try a slightly higher threshold settings or if your door has any reflective parts in the way of the laser when the door opens or closes, try covering those up.

I’m having the same problem but It’s random and recently started after a months use. I got around 6 notifications when opening a few days ago and happened this evening. Any ideas? It is annoying.

please try the solutions described in my above response and let me know if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

Changed the setting from 10% to 5%. The only reflective parts I can see are the door stiffeners but I would expect multiple notifications all the time. Is 5% the correct direction? Sunlight isn’t a problem since the garage faces N-NE.

Also, interested in getting one for my RV garage with a 14’ door. Will this unit work for a door that size or will it time out because of the time it takes to fully open? Any other issues you can think of that might be an issue for a door that tall?

The threshold needs to be increased if you get false notifications while the door is opening or open. If you get false notifications while the door is closed (assuming the laser is pointed at the reflective tag), the threshold needs to be lowered.

Garadget will be fine with 14’ door. There is a wide range of options for the door motion time.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll try it in 10% intervals until it clears.
Appreciate the info on the 14’ door. I’ll get that on order.

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