Getting false open readings, after first 10 hours of installing

It’s Motion Time parameter.

I noticed now, if I close app and reopen door is ready to change. If not it just keeps going closing or opening - have to shut down app. That’s fine, it’s not like this gate is changing a lot. Most of the time it is open for days. Its a work around, until you start selling a lot of them for gates.

I’ve tried many settings including threshold of 3%, 5 sensor reads, and 5 seconds between scan periods. I’ve added a bathroom toilet roll tube, and yet I get false opens. Lots of the time it reads %96, but it does fluctuate. My garage is dark, it does has the problem in the middle of night.

Sometimes it goes for a few hours, and the other times it pings 5 within a minute.

I believe that the definition of SENSOR READS: is number of tests used to take to make average. However, I have a hard time believe it is working correctly, because when I do open the garage, I get warning within 5 seconds. If it requires an average of 5, it should take at least 15 seconds (or more) to the average below 5%.

It’s getting pretty frustrating.

The 5 reads are in quick succession in the same scan and only take milliseconds to complete.
In order to trigger the sensor, the reflection must fall below the set threshold. If you have it at 3 or 5 the something should really block the laser if it’s normally at 96%. Do you have some idea about what it can be in your case? Insects? Emergency release rope?

I don’t think it’s either insects or the release rope. We just don’t have any insects to speak of, and I checked that the rope is clear of the beam.

One (probably unrelated) thing, is that it doesn’t always change the settings when I use the web interface - sometimes it does and other times it does not. Sometimes I get an acknowledgement that it did it, even it if did not. The iphone app does seems to always change the settings. Of course the only one I can really confirm is the scan period.

It’s odd that you can only set the threshold to 3% on the web, but it will show up on the phone (when it works).

I’m checking in to see if you experienced any false notifications overnight.

It seems to be behaving at the moment.