Google Assistant through IFTTT


I had a custom Google Assistant applet created to open and close the garage door (since the ones int he Gargadget IFTTT didn’t work). It was working fine up until a week or two ago. Now, when I say “Open (or close) garage door,” it just brings up web search results. I am using the Button widget successfully through IFTTT so not sure what the problem is. Any advice would be appreciated.



If widget button works through IFTTT then there is no problem with the authentication.
Please try to deactivate/activate your custom applet. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please try re-creating it.


Unfortunately, that was one of the first things I tried. But re-creating the applet does not work. Before I did that, the activity log showed that it was working for a time.


You can try creating another applet with a different trigger, but with the same Garadget action.
Depending on how that works out, you’ll know if it’s the trigger of action that failing.


I had been using the Garadget (simple) open/close applets through IFTTT. They were working fine when I set them up a short while back. But since then they had stopped working. Google Assistant thinks the applets executed successfully but my Garadget never actually runs the command. I removed the applets in IFTTT but when I tried to reinstall them I get a 404 error. Has anybody else encountered this or have a solution? Thanks.


What is the URL that gives you 404?


It’s actually when I try to turn on the applets in the IFTTT app on my iPhone. It brings up the configure screen where I can specify response phrases from the Google Assistant and it refreshes after a brief pause and says “Request failed: not found (404)”.



Please try IFTTT’s web interface in case there is some issue with their app.


From a web browser I get a message that says “We can’t access your service”.


@egeek, please see if disconnecting and re-connecting Garadget service in your IFTTT account resolves this issue.