Hardware fragility


I got my unit and everything is working BUT I plugged the usb cable into the base unit and when installing I stretched the cable and micro usb end of the cablepulled apart and the red wire broke at the solder joint. I went to unplug the power and the housing came off exposing the led and circuit board and the plug stayed in the socket. I reassembled the power unit ant used black duct tape with 2 slots for the power terminals pulled it tight and wrapped the tape around the power housing. I then used a standard phone charging cable instead of the broken provided cable. Now everything works perfect. cheap mechanical design but perfect app and function. Answer please take more pride in the mechanical fit and function od the hardware


I’m sorry to hear you had issues with he cable and the power adapter. There were other reports of the issues with the cable, but it’s first for the power adapter. We purchase both parts from suppliers and at least for cable I’ll be looking at a different source.

I’m relieved to know that that the USB connector inside of the Garadget survived the cable stretching incident. Through the iterations of design, I settled on the connector type with the metal tabs soldered into the PCB for the additional mechanical strength. Still, considering the significant leverage of the plugged connector it is possible to get it dislodged with a good yank.


My unit completely quit working yesterday after working flawlessly for a number of days. I tried everything to resolve the issue but now non of the lights come on. I took the unit down and tried everything I could on the bench but I am getting no power to the main unit. Please help or possibly send me a new unit.


Please try troubleshooting power adapter and cable by powering the unit up from the alternative source. If unit powers up then it’s cable or power adapter that needs to be exchanged. If not, then please exchange the whole set.