Have to Relogin every night

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I have the Garadget setup on my Android and have had little to no problems. I then setup my wifes Iphone with the Garadget account using my gmail and password, both phones worked for a short time, then the Iphone started to act up. It seems every morning when she leaves for work the app works fine… But in the evening on her return trip home she has to relogin every nite. I have read the forms and have not been able to find a solution to the problem, any ideas? Wife is not happy please help. Android still works fine for the most part. Great idea and easy to install thank you.


Thanks for your feedback.
Please see if logging out, uninstalling/reinstalling the app and logging back in helps.


Your reply seamed to do the trick. Happy wife = Happy life :grinning:


I have had to hard close the app on my iPhone and then reopen it and it is logged in. Try that


This issue has been addressed in the new version of the app (search app store for Garadget 2).


Looks like on iOS, the new app (Garadget 2) does in fact ask for login creds daily.
Hard-closing the app and reopening it appears to resolve it, but it looks to be a bug.

Is there any way to report errors or do some form of logging within the app?


Your description exactly matches the behavior of old version of the app.
Can you please double check that you launch the new one (it has “Authenticate” option in the panel that opens when you click the Garadget logo).


Yep, authenticate is there…

The problem is that at night, I get this error:

Then it bring me back to the login screen. I’ll see if I can catch that tonight, and upload that pic here…