HELP! Randomly, App says the door says it is opening

Then when I close it, it actually opens the door. Then gets stuck in “Stopped”. This is REALLY GETTING FRUSTRATING. Started Saturday and has happened once each day since then. Was out of town on the weekend and had to have the neighbors go and close the garage door for me.

Was working fine until Saturday.

iPhone 7 plus
Firmware Version 1.13




To rule out any app issues, let’s use web interface for troubleshooting.
My first suspicion is that the sensor is not reporting the state correctly. Please verify that the laser is pointed at the center of the reflective tag. Then let’s check the reported reflection rate and threshold setting.

What’s the url to the web page again? I’m at work and don’t have it.

It’s at:

Like the app, it now says closed. I will check the laser and get back to you when I get home from work. My son was home today and closed the door for me using the garage door button.

Sounds good, please report your findings.

Still centered on reflective dot. So that’s not it.

Next steps?

Please check what is the reflected reflection rate and threshold setting at the time when you get incorrect status reported by the app.

I don’t know how I would retrieve information from the time in the past. Is there someway to get that information?

Currently the reflection rate is 95. The sensor threshold is 15.

What’s your email address and I will upload you screenshots of my iPhone app settings.

You can enable open/closed alerts and get notified when sensor reports any changes.

Yeah, I’m already getting the notifications. That’s how I know about this new faulty behavior.

Screenshots send in an email to you.

Just to close the loop on this. It’s all working now. The cause was light coming in through the garage door windows. I made cardboard inserts to close up the windows which I never liked anyway. Now the reflectivity is 98 (was getting down to sub-25). I can dial up the sensor threshold now too. Looking to go from 5 to maybe 50.


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Hi Jon,

I had a similar environment issue with my install and window light.

If you want your windows open slide an empty toilet paper roll on the end of the Garadget. Then be sure the reflector is one door panel below the panel with the windows. Works like a charm in direct sunlight.

Hi Dan,

I tried that but it didn’t help at all. Then I tried taping up brown paper which helped a lot more. Tonight I went full tilt with thick cardboard.



Another approach is to change the angle of the laser. The reflective tag can go on the side of the door or above the door on the wall where door will break the beam as soon as it starts moving.

Anything you can think of that reduces the amount of light coming from the very same direction where Garadget is pointed will help in this situation. Also lowering the threshold to 5-10 will reduce the sensitivity to the ambient light.

Here are some pictures of my window cardboard panels.

I think this will definitely solve the problem.

This is somewhat of a nuclear option, but it should work indeed.

Yeah it should keep the neighbors guessing! LOL