Homebridge - Garadget - Adding two doors?


I cant seem to be able to add more than one door to my homebridge configuration. I think I have a bad config.json

Does anyone know how to configurate config.json with two doors/garadget devices ?


From what I see in @xNinjas’s post the example shows multiple doors configuration.


having trouble still getting two doors to work, I get either unsupported on door 2 or the config.json won’t even work…

I’ll wait and hope for the official HomeKit support for Garadget :slight_smile:


@NickeZ28, post your JSON (replacing auth tokens and device IDs).

Are you still having issues with this?

Sorry i must have missed this post.

An easy way to test your config is pasting it in https://www.jslint.com without you access token or device id.

And yes my example is for two doors. Latest version require you to fix your config file with bypass

I gave up on Homebridge for a while… Im back to opening manually using the app.

Hoping there will be a Homekit support for Garadget in the future :slight_smile:

Feel free to shoot me a direct message with your config and i can help you with this.

Sorry to hi-jack your thread and for reviving such an old post. In case you’re still waiting, I recently developed a Homebridge plugin that allows you to control your Garadget locally over MQTT, no cloud service or tokens needed. What you do need, however - is an MQTT broker. Mosquito is a great option for this.

For more information, see this thread: Introducing Garadget integration for Homebridge, using MQTT

No worries. anythings to make it easier for people to get garadget working. I need to update my wiki to include new way to install using Homebridge Config UI X

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