How to activate laser

While I’m certain that I don’t have the device configured correctly, and while the app allows me to open and close the door without the door actually moving, I’ll move on to the next potential question that will arise when I finally get the device and the app working correctly.

At what point does the laser activate? Is there a configuration for this? Or do I just need to wait for the device configuration?

The laser kicks in when the device goes online (LED slowly pulsing cyan).
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with the setup.

The device is slow pulsing blue, it’s plugged into the garage door opener, and there is no laser. I’m pretty sure the laser should be on. If there are any setup steps that I missed please fill me in. Otherwise I’ll return the device.

I have to say, the device is marketed as plug and play, but it is anything but.

I apologize for difficulties you experienced in your Garadget setup. Although this is not typical, the complexity and variety of the involved systems as well as the fact that they’re customer maintened, creates the potential for challenges.

Back to your situation: can you please check the scan period value in settings. Can you try changing to see if that has any effect?

I changed the scan value from every second to twice per second, no change in symptoms. My guess is that the laser should be working, and it doesn’t. Also, I don’t believe that this is a problem in my garage door opener or the complexity of an involved system. I believe this is a defective Garadget device.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I’d be looking into connection issues at this point.

I had my unit set up in 15 minutes. After many weeks of smooth operation I installed the Apple app and had a few issues, after one email, the garadget community help me work through the issues and it has been working smoothly every since. Thank you Garadget!

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My laser beam is not working I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get it’s working I’m wondering if it is on the warranty I’ve had it for about three months

Yes, your unit is on warranty. Before we proceed to repair or replacement, let’s do a basic troubleshooting.
What is LED indication you get when you power up your Garadget?

Slow blinking blue light.

Blinking on and off dark blue? That means the device is in listening mode and ready to be configured.
Please open your mobile app and click on “add door” command (even if the door already appears in the list). Follow the prompts to configure the WiFi connection.

Studs no beam

I’ll need more information in order to help you troubleshoot the issue. Were you able to complete the setup wizard? What was the outcome? If there was an issue, then please specify what it was and at what step it occurred.

I took it out and reinstall that the garage door opens and closes but there is no beam I can understand why I’m having this problem it worked good all this time

If you can open and close the door remotely from the app then device is configured correctly.
I’ll contact you in PM for the order info and will handle the exchange.