IFTTT 500 error, also password not accepted


After upgrading to iOS 11 my IFTTT for Garadget stopped working. I also was unable to authenticate to the app on my iPhone. So, I reset my password on this site, and am obviously able to log in. In the app, when I try to use the new password, it tells me invalid credentials. On the Garadget App Authorization page, it also tells me the credentials are invalid, or “client_id is a required parameter”. Does it take a few hours for the password to sync across all connections? I’ve logged in and out of the community site 3 times to ensure I’m typing in the proper password.


Please note that even though you are using the same email address for both, the account for this site is independent from your Garadget account. I have initiated a password reset on your Garadget account. Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.


I was able to figure out they were two separate accounts and have it all sorted out. I wish it was more visible somewhere that the community account and the garadget account aren’t actually the same account.