IFTTT - auto open on arrival

I didnt set up IFTTT using their auto-open-on-arrival applet yet,

for those of you who did, I was wondering…

If Im just out/away walking my doggies or whatever, and got my phone with me… I’ll leave my house and its geofence area… Will my garage doors automatically pop open as soon as I get home even though I don’t have my car with me ? I wouldn’t want that… if the previous is the case… is there a way, like… :

IF my phone is connected to my cars bluetooth AND I am coming home THEN pop the door open AND leave it open for 1 MINUTE THEN close the garage door


Yes it will

Hi Niklas. Yes your door doesn’t know that you’re walking or in your car. Example: I live in the back of my subdivision and was working on some landscaping at the entrance to our neighborhood, my phone was right on the border of my geofence and I finally had to just turn off the applet inside the ifttt app. Temporarily of course.