IFTTT Garadget Open on Arrival Skill Not Working

Is anyone else having an issue with Garadget Open on Arrival Skill not working? About a week or two ago, I noticed that my garage was not opening automatically for me when I got home. When I checked the skill in IFTTT, it doesn’t even seem as if it is being executed. I’ve deleted it and re-added it and checked to make sure that my address and the radius is set correctly.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? I have additional skills in IFTTT for Google Assistant to open and close the garage that are still working fine, so it doesn’t seem to be an overall IFTTT issue.


When troubleshooting IFTTT applets it is helpful to test trigger and the action separately. In this case you can test the geo-fencing trigger by setting up a separate applet that sends you a push notification when you arrive home. You can also test Garadget action by creating an applet that opens/closes the door by the widget button on the phone.

Okay, I had already started to do that. The Garadget Widget works fine for opening and closing the door. I created an IFTTT skill that is set to push a notification when I arrive home. I found that it did not go off when I got home tonight. When I look at the history for it, it has never gone off. I’m guessing there is an issue with IFTTT and its location services?

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Sounds like it.
Make sure you have IFTTT app on your phone and it is allowed the location services continuously.

Yup. It is set to Always Use Location Services. I’ll reach out to IFTTT.

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There is no IFTTT help to speak of.
I had the same problem recently.
Look on the Garadget IFTTT arrive and notify recipe.
Go to the “gear” at the top, then go to the gps map below. If the map is not there you either you didn’t authorize IFTTT to use the phones GPS. If you did authorize it. Deleted the recipe and start again.
If the map is there make the circle bigger. Sometimes it take awhile for it to see you’re in the circle and open.
Look in the IFTTT recipe for recent activity. Does anything show up, is there anything in red ie errors if so what does it say?


I am connected to Garadget through IFTTT. As mentioned, the Open and Close Widgets along with the Open and Close with Google via IFTTT are working fine. Location Services is turned on for both Garadget and IFTTT. When I view the activity history for the Open on Arrival recipe, it shows that it has never run. This is after I have deleted it and re-added it. This recipe was working fine until just recently.

As for the GPS, when I add a recipe that is just for IFTTT to notify me when I arrive home, it never triggers.

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Have you gone way outside the circle and returned at least 20 minutes later?

It sounds like GPS communications are not going to IFTTT
I actually had the opposite problem. I was being notified that I arrived but the door didn’t open.

I have the same problem although it did work once. I was really impressed.
I usually just ask ‘OK Google’ to ‘open garage door’ but I usually forget until I’m in front of the door and then it’s quicker to just use the remote control.

I use the voice command with my Google Mini when I am in the house and leaving, but since I have an iPhone, it’s a little more annoying to get to Google then when I come home in my car. I generally just use the app on my Pebble watch, which I have favorited to one of the buttons.

I would like to get this Location Services issue fixed though.

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So, I submitted a ticket to IFTTT yesterday about Location Services skills not working for me. Today, when I left for work, I got a Push Notification that my Close Garage on Departure skill had triggered, however, my garage was already closed so I couldn’t see if it actually worked. When I got home tonight, push notifications for both the Open Garage on Arrival skill and the simple Location Services Notification on Arrival skill showed up on my phone and my garage opened as I drove down my driveway.

Looks like IFTTT must have seen what the issue was with my account and corrected it.

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Looks the issue has reared its head again. I’m checking to see if it’s a Garadget/IFTTT issue or a IFTTT/Location Services issue.

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