I'm after beta testers for the Alexa-Garadget Skill, anyone interested?

Hi all,

As the title says, I would like some help with testing of a new Alexa Garadget skill.
I’m hoping to get about 10 people initially.

Now, the skill is BETA, so there will be bugs. I need you to feed back any problems you see (and how to reproduce) and also any suggestions for improvements.

I would like some users with multiple doors also so let me know how many Garadgets you have installed. If you would like to help then just reply on this topic.




I’m interested.

I have an amazon dot version 2 and one door opener.


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Very much interested. I have 2 doors with openers and for the echo have an original as well as a second gen dot.

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Very interested in this as well. I have an Echo Dot and an opener.


I’ll add you to my dev account so you can have access to the Garadget skill. If your happy to do this can you please message me the email address you use for your Alexa account.

When I add this to my dev account the Garadget skill will be added to the “Your Skills” section of your Alexa account ready for you to enable.

Can you message me your Alexa account email also. I’ll add it and give you access to the Garadget skill



Can you message me your Alexa account email also. I’ll add it and give you access to the Garadget skill

Thanks also!


It is the same as my account with you.


I forwarded your email to @Chris. Thanks for participating in Alexa skill testing!

Thanks to all that have accepted the challenge. Still more testers needed. If you would like to help just send me a message or respond here.

For those interested, this is an early version of the current skill.

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I am in Australia and have an Amazon echo. I have been using garadget for 6 months now and the app works great. I would be happy to test garadget with my echo.


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I am interested in beta testing. I recently acquired the dot end am in the prices of setting up the garadget.

Just private message me your Alexa account email. I’ll add it and give you access to the Garadget skill.


No wait, I’ve got your email!


Just clarifying, I/we should expect an email from the Amazon folks before being able to get started correct?

Definitely. Please add me to the list!

Correct. I’ve prompted a resend, maybe check your trash folder also.

No Problem, please private message me your alexa email address to add to the beta.


Checked inbox and spam. Nothing from Amazon or Alexa / Echo

My fault. Just checked you email and I put the W in it. I’ve resent and you should receive it now.