Initial Setup / Experience


I finally got around to installing my Garadgets (2) recently and wanted to share my experience / suggestions. First off, I want to say that I really like this device and after some initial tweaks it is going to work out perfect for my needs.
First, the micro usb cord was too short imo for how cheap the cables cost. Even if my outlet was directly above my opener, the cable wouldn’t reach many places (luckily I have multiple spare micro usb cables that I swapped out for). I know my case may not be the norm, but an extra foot or 2 would make it much more universal. Especially, when the ones that came with my units were about the same length as the wires to connect the Garadget to the garage door opener which is going to be much closer.
The install went smooth, until like others have stated I noticed the laser kept moving. Despite using an actual screw driver (props for including one however!) and tightening it down, the laser will still migrate. A redesign of the tightening mechanism needs to be looked at. The only thing that I could attach the unit to besides the garage door opener itself is the metal framing that it is attached to, which will also have vibration from operation. It even appears that the wire itself causes the unit enough pressure to adjust it’s position, so I will cut it down to just what I need.
Lastly, for a few app enhancement suggestions. I have 2 units with this installed and I’d love to be able to have the option of both doors on the main app page, and not have to select 1 or the other. To me it’s just a wasted step / time to have select which door to be using. The other was to have the ability to be able to stop the garage door while opening so as not to open it all the way. With my normal panel (that this is basically mimicking) I just have to hit the button while it’s opening to stop the door. I only tried this a couple of times, so between that and my sensor issues this may already be possible, but I couldn’t make this happen.
Thanks for an awesome product, and looking forward to future updates!


The only setup issue I had was that my Android phone wouldn’t let the application set up a temporary wifi hot spot. Probably some security setting. I was able to get around this by manually turning on the wifi hot spot in phone settings.


I had to relocate the Garadget units to the side of my garage door openers to stop the laser travel issue. With this orientation the laser has held steady since the unit can no longer travel upwards.