Installation with Liftmaster Opener

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@busbys i thought that. Report back if it can bower both. Be a lot better than replacing the button battery


@xNinjas I have installed the board - wired as I described above with P1 and P2 wires going to the opener and SW1 wires going to garadget and this setup seems to work fine. I picked up a 882LMW on ebay inexpensively, so if you want to change out your wireless controller board, this should work for you.

Thank you to everyone for all the help!


@busbys I’ll watch for the prices to go down. ATM I only have one car and it has homelink. I don’t need the two remotes. One is in the glove compartment just in case.


I used the process described above to solder the bell wires to my Liftmaster 398LM wall controller and it’s working fine. My circuit was different - but the principle was the same.

BTW - the wall controller did not require re-programming with the master controller in the GDO after reconnecting the two wires.



If I were to solder to the button that is setup using the steps here (Program 3-button remote to control the lights):,-or-adjust-the-light-timer-on

to control the light on the opener, would the signal from the garadget app activate it correctly?


My understanding that described setup uses a separate remote button for operating the light.
Garadget has a single terminal in the back for controlling door. You can connect it to the light button but that means you no longer control the door.

Additional controls can be added as the hardware extensions connected to the black 4-pin terminal in the back. Several different types should be available by mid 2017.