Interlock Support

I’m very close to buying two of these for my double garage. In my scenario I have two separate sliding garage doors that run on rails parallel to each other, meaning that when one door is open the other garage is blocked by both doors.

I want to integrate the garage doors into my HA system (SmartThings, possibly with the ultimate goal of having them controlled by google assistant, however I would like to know if it is possible to have two Garadget units work in tandem via an interlock i.e. if one door is open the other wont open.

The reason behind this is because once the doors have the ability to be opened remotely via the web, we run the risk of being able to hit the others persons car when opening our door if the other person is in the process of parking when we send the open command.

If this is possible, can it be achieved through the native configuration or is it possible to customise something like this in ST or

Any info or links would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in Garadget.
Can you please post a picture or two of your garage doors arrangement so I can better understand it?

Here are some pictures of the doors. This one shows them both closed:

New photo by Jon Gillibrand

Here you can see one of them is open:

New photo by Jon Gillibrand

Thank you for update and pictures.
I think I understand your doors arrangement now. Even though you can implement it in HA automation, the safest solution for this case would be to have electrical switches that activate when each of the doors is not closed blocking the operation of the other door. This way the safety doesn’t rely on the network communication or software. You can get couple of these and hire an electrician to wire them in the way that they interrupt the power to another opener.