iOS Garadget 2 reaction delayed


Using the same garage door and changing nothing else, the original Garadget app makes the door open and close almost instantly when tapping the door icon.
Using the Garadget 2 app, the app animates as if the door is opening/closing but the actual door does not respond for a good 2 seconds.

Is this expected? I hope this can be fixed.

New iOS App Delay for Opening and Closing

Yes I’m experiencing the same thing with Garadget 2…
Not only lag time between the App animation and the Door actually moving in real time, but my garage door has been opening on its own!
I went back to the original Garadget App, which has worked for me from day one!


Yes. I had the same experience. I tapped the door icon to open or close the door. It took at least 20 seconds or more to response. First I thought the apps didn’t work or I messed up the setting.


The new version of Garadget 2 with the delay fixes is available for testing in TestFlight.
Those who have the account are welcome to give it a try, those who want to join the test group, please PM me your iTunes account email and I’ll add.


I just checked, and it says no new builds for Garadget 2 are available. I’ll check again later in case there is some delay in it going live.


It says “Waiting for Review” in iTunes connect, I’ll keep an eye on it and re-submit for testing.


I was able to get the test build. When I tried it, it still felt like a couple seconds delay. I’m not sure what the expected timing is.


There is always some latency from the network response (1-2s), but now the new version of the app caches some of the values so it takes less time to process the commands.


The new version is definitely improved, but there is still a longer delay with the new app as compared to the first app. I have them both installed side by side. With the old app there is no perceptible delay in the door action after tapping the screen. It magically feels instantaneous, as if I were pressing the wall switch! With the new app, it is probably about a 1 second delay. Feels much more like an internet-connected device. It’s certainly tolerable but no longer magical.