Is laser replaceable?

The laser on one of my garadgets is no longer working. Tried reboot, delete and reinstall, etc. But no laser beam.

Yes, if your unit is out of warranty you can try replacing the laser at home:

My laser has stopped working as well. I have removed the laser and expect the new one to arrive tomorrow, however, when using the multimeter on the laser terminals on the PCB, I do not have any voltage. I have voltage on the camera but nothing on the laser studs. Shouldn’t there by ~5v to the studs in the PCB?

Contact between
A&D = 0v
A&B = 0v
A&C = 4.9v

The laser is modulated with the three short pulses every second. Your multimeter will not be able to detect that. To see that you’ll need the oscilloscope and some load so the current can flow through the transistor (actual laser or equivalent resistor in its place). Anyway, you can just go ahead with the laser replacement and not worry about the measurements.

Thank you for your respond. Helpful to understand why it wasn’t reading. Hopefully the new lasers arrive and work after install.

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