Laser pointer behaves herraticly

Hello there I have two Garadget the first one has been working fine for a year, the second one was installed about 10 months ago but lately i noticed that laser pointer doesn’t no stay in position, this generating an annoying number of Notifications. The light is jumping high and low and cannot meet the reflective tape no matter what I do.

Garadget itself doesn’t have any moving parts besides the mount. If the screw in the mount is tight and the laser continues to travel then it is the object to which Garadget is attached that creates this motion.

You can either move Garadget to something that does not move or expand the reflective area on the door by using the additional sticker. This way the laser will remain within the reflective surface even while moving a little.

I have had good luck with the device mounted to the ceiling above the opener and laser pointed at a spot near the top inside of the door. If the spot still wiggles too much, get some reflective tape from the hardware store and make the target however big it needs to be.

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