Missing Android Notifications with multiple devices

Love this device and app, looking for assistance with missing notifications. Currently we have 2 phones logged into the Garadget app with the same credentials, but notifications seem inconsistent between the devices. I had an alert set up for a one hour timeout. Garage was left open for more than an hour two nights ago and neither device (Galaxy Note 8=first device, Galaxy S8=second) received an alert. I set up a night alert after 6PM as a test and last night the garage was opened after that time, only the Note 8 received a notification. I made sure the app is exempt from any battery optimization on the S8 so it can run without interruption. Any tips for ensuring both devices will receive all notifications/alerts?

If you had app installed for some time, I’d recommend uninstalling including data and re-installing the current version from Google Play. If that doesn’t help, please PM your device ID and we’ll run some tests.

That seemed to work, thank you!