Missing Door?!?


I woke us this morning, walked out the Garage using the normal wall mounted opener. Then when I was backing out… Open the garadget app and I don’t see my garage door. I was late to work because of this…

Why has my door been deleted?!? Is something going on with your services. I can’t explain how bad this sucked for me as I had to reassemble my outside keypad just to close the garage!

I need a fix ASAP



Same, as of yesterday afternoon.
FYI, you can open the site in a browser on your phone as a workaround. Not as convenient, but will get the job done.



It appears that the underlying cloud service provider experienced some issues yesterday.
Please try logging out and logging back into the mobile app. The web app is unaffected.



Same situation – had to log out and back into both the web app and the mobile apps.



As I was desperate earlier I did find out login out/ back in was a remedy.

Garadget can you PLEASE send out an email when you notice an interruption of service. We shouldn’t find out after the fact pulling our hair out trying to get our garages to close. This morning was pretty rough for me, an email stating the issue/ specifying the fix would of been nice!

Please consider doing this in the future

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We didn’t make any changes so this was unexpected. I’m in contact with the cloud service provider to see how this can be avoided or properly addressed in future.



Doesn’t matter if you made the changes or not. I work in IT, If something goes haywire with our hosting we’re still responsible to our customers to inform them what’s going on. You should still send out and email informing what went down, why, what’s the fix and a ETA or restoration of services. It’s the right thing to do and ask you consider it next time there’s an interruption

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