MQTT support in Garadget

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Hello, community!

We are looking into bringing MQTT support to Garadget and we were wondering what MQTT broker you guys were using.

Whether it is the Home Assistant embedded MQTT broker, Mosquitto, Mosca or any other, please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you!


I use Mosquitto with HASS.


Mosquitto, but only via TLS 1.2 with a self-signed certificate, and username/password authentication.


Home Assistant mqtt broker.


Mosquitto with Hassbian


Any updates on when MQTT might be supported? Having random issues where the Home Assistant cannot contact the particle server for my Garadget. Happens maybe once per day. This then causes Home Assistant to change the status to closed after it contacts it again. I have homebridge-Homeassistant to display these in the Home app and give me a notification on open/close on the garage door. Had this happen around 2 am last night. Wife is getting a bit tired of it lol. Was hoping that by using MQTT this could be remedied.

Or if anyone else has had the same issue and has another workaround then that would be great as well. It isn’t happening in the actual Garadget app either. That still shows that it has stayed closed. So it’s definitely something going on with the communication between home assistant and the Garadget server. Happens very rarely but it’s enough to be annoying and making me think I need to try something else if I can’t fix it.

Error I see when this happens

17-02-19 01:52:42 ERROR (Thread-11) [homeassistant.components.cover.garadget] Unable to connect to server: ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))


Hi, we are working on the MQTT implementation these days. Not sure exactly what the plans for releasing it are, but it’s coming.


I’m also interested in the MQTT support. I use mosquitto with openhab but i’m switching to Home Assistant.


Any update on MQTT support? Have been holding off on buying a Garadget until this is available. (I’m also a Home Assistant user)


Slow but steady progress on that. Most of the work is on embedded web interface so the unit can be setup without any apps or cloud connection.

I (non noncommittally) hope to have something to show by the end of the month. Please stay tuned.


I am using I use Mosquitto with HASS


On November 16 i had to sit and wait in my car for 20 minutes to open my garage door as the particle cloud was down and the keys to my apartment was in the garage.

Any news on the MQTT support?
It’s more than three months since you said that you hoped for something to show by the end of that month.

I’m tired of waiting.
Do you have a definitive date for a release or should i switch to a DIY solution and put the garadget device in the trash?


Apologies for the delays. It took a complete rewrite of the firmware from the scratch to make it more modularized and allow the commands/reporting from/to multiple protocols. The code is mostly ready, but requires a bit more polishing. Please stay tuned.

DIY solutions are welcome (you can even deploy it on Garadget’s hardware and publish it here), but if you’re not looking for a project, it may be more time efficient to wait a bit longer for the release.


After a complete firmware rewrite from scratch now it’s ready for testing!
Those interested in early access, please Please PM me your device IDs.

After the firmware has been updated over-the-air, please access MQTT configuration:

  1. put your unit into listening mode: press and hold “M” button for about 3 seconds until LED starts blinking dark blue
  2. connect any WiFi device to PHOTON-XXXX access point and open in the browser
  3. using the web page re-configure WiFi connection and MQTT settings
  4. submit to save, the device will reconnect to your WiFi network.

This process can be repeated anytime if necessary. Internet connection is not required.
Note that either or both Cloud and MQTT links can be used.
This firmware can be reversed if something doesn’t work out right.
The code was tested with Mosquito server.



very nice!


If you are a home assistant user the configuration in HA will look like this:


platform: mqtt
name: "Garage Door"
command_topic: "garadget/device_name/command"
state_topic: "garadget/device_name/status"
payload_open: "open"
payload_close: “close”
Status Sensor:

platform: template
friendly_name: 'Garage Door State’
value_template: '{{ states.cover.garage_door.state }}'
icon_template: ‘{% if is_state(“cover.garage_door”, “closed”) %}mdi:garage{% else %}mdi:garage-open{% endif %}’