MQTT time status only reports 0s


I set up MQTT only on my Garadget and everything seemed to work fine for a week or so. After getting it all integrated with my Home Assistant dashboard, I began noticing that the time status is always 0s. All other status components seem to be working just fine. Is this particular sensor faulty in my Garadget?


- platform: mqtt
  name: "Time"
  state_topic: 'garadget/Garage/status'
  value_template: '{{ value_json.time }}'
  icon: 'mdi:clock-outline'

Example MQTT message:

  "status": "closed",
  "time": "0s",
  "sensor": 97,
  "bright": 22,
  "signal": -57

This must be a firmware issue. I’ll get this on the list of issues to check.


@garadget - I can confirm I have the same issue.

Topic: garadget/<<name>>/status



Same here.


@garadget any update on the fix?