Multiple Notification Open/Close

I used to have the problem Notification of Open/Close for 60 to 100 times and it was because of the garage opener light sent false signal to the unit. After I covered the garage door light, the problem went away for about 3 months or so. The problem came back recently, but the notification Open/Close is not as many, around 6 to 8 times and it only happens one or twice a day, or every other day. I checked the brown paper and blue tape remained intact still covering the garage opener light. Need help to solve this problem please. Thanks.

What is your Garadget’s threshold setting and what is the reflection rate about the times when false notifications happen?
Also please check Garadget to make sure the openings are free of webs.

Threshold is set at 15%. Reflection rate toggles between 20 to 70%. I am not sure as I didn’t check at the time of false notification. I will go dust off the surrounding and the Garadget device.

Try out lower threshold (10?), that might reduce the false notifications. I’d like to see more robust reflection though.
Is it still pretty bright in the garage when the reflection is at 20?

I tried set the threshold to 10, dust off Gardget and its surrounding, I still get multiple notification even though the garage door remained closed the whole day, which the notification clearly sent to my smartphone while nothing is in operation at all. This evening, I got about 100 notification while I was watching TV, this is getting out of control, really need help to resolved this issue permanently please. Thanks.

Does this happen when there’s any light in the Garage?
If you think that all troubleshooting options are exhausted, I can offer you the warranty repair.

Don’t believe there is any light on while it happened this evening. The garage is usually dark when it is not in operation. I just don’t understand, the brown paper remained intact, which it solved the problem some months ago, and the problem suddenly came back. how does warranty repair work?

The reason you get the false notification is because there is not enough reflection coming back to the photosensor. When reflection rate falls below the threshold setting, Garadget reports the door as open. The possible reasons are:

  • laser not pointed at the reflective tag
  • obstruction from release rope, webs, insect nests etc
  • ambient light washing out the reflection

Although cases are rare, It is also possible that the laser is not doing too well - you’ll notice that it got dimmer. In this case you can send your unit (just the main body; leave wiring and mount in place) for warranty repair to the address in this post. Typically you get the repaired or replaced unit in around 10 days or less.

I will find out more within the next few days and shall decide whether or not i will pursue the repair. Thanks

Sounds good. No worries though: we’ll sort it out one way or the other.

I have monitored a few days more and the result is getting really bad. The reflection rate is now toggle between 2 to 6% only and the notification is happening at all time. What do you need me to do to get it repaired?

I just gave it another try. I cleaned the reflection pad, also clean the device itself in case of dust. unfortunately no improvement. I can see the red beam was very bright and crisp from the beginning when I first installed the device, but now, the red dot shines very weak, kind of blurry and wimpy. Have you had any reported issue as the weak beam light shooting out from the device, resulting what I am experiencing?

If you observe the weak laser beam, please send your unit back for the warranty repair.