My Installation in Temuka, New Zealand

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Hi everyone,

My long awaited Garadget arrived in the deep South New Zealand today.

I wasted no time opening it and logged onto this forum to follow the install instructions.

I have an iPhone 6s and am on the latest iOS 9.3.4

Everything went smoothly, so out to the garage.

Followed the install instructions and everything went as it should.

From opening the box until I was laughing my head off, opening and closing the door with my iPhone took all of 35 minutes.

I am not tech savvy, but it was easy and I can’t wait to show all my friends. Its amazing.

I am going to show the local garage building franchise this weekend, i am sure they will want to install one in their demo (show) Garage.

Thanks so much for this. . . . . .its bloody Amazing.

Here are a few pics.



How do I put the pics in? I did say I was computer illiterate


Im here in Australia and had the same simple install process too Monty.
As for the pics just drag the file into your message and all should be OK.

On a side topic I think because we are in a different time zone and I have the Night Alerts Open and enabled I get alarms when I open my door in the morning. Im sure the guys know about this and hopefully fixed in the next App Update.


Hi Papa

I had that happen too but found where you could set the timezone under “night alerts” just below the “to”



Thanks, I might need to get glasses I didn’t even see that. :slight_smile:


I did exactly the same and was going to post about it, but an hour later, stumbled across it.

The moving icon representing the door opening and closing moves way too fast for my door. I adjusted the setting called “Door Motion Time” (i presume thats what its for) and changed it to 16 seconds to slow the graphic down.
But any other setting than “10 Seconds” seems to be a bit buggy, as it just is up or down instantly.

Have you got yours mirroring the actual door? Does it do the same on yours.

I have a Pebble Time Round watch and put the beta app on that tonight . . . works a dream. Now I just open and close the door with my watch . . . . I love it

Cheers Papa