New user, so far great, except the mounting drift

Just installed my device a few days ago. Setup up great, and worked better than I thought it would.
Until… I started experiencing some mounting drift with the temperature change, and the double stick tape.

I have my eye on something satellite dish users use to fine tune the aiming of their dishes. I think its called BAU4R2 or Fine-Tuning Back Assembly Unit for Satellite Dishes (not going to post any links here, not selling anything)

Anyone have any experience using one of them? Or suggestions on a somewhat better mount.
(I liked the laser aim of this device over others that required battery powered devices on the door… but now I am seeing a little bit of a drawback and looking to overcome)

If the movement is cyclical during the period of 24 hours then it’s likely that the opener itself moves. In that case more sophisticated mount will not help the situation and Garadget is better off mounted to something else.

If the movement is continuous then it could be adhesive pad failing. It’s important to make sure the adhesive pad is aligned correctly on the mount and not getting on the ridges which would create a bend and reduce the adhesion surface. Also the mounting location should be flat, clean and dry at the time of application. Additionally check that there is no tension in the wires.

I improved my mount by moving mine to the top of my opener and resting it on something so it couldn’t drift downward. It’s been fine for almost a year now. You just gotta stare at it for five minutes and the solution will come to you.

I originally had mine stuck to the bottom of the garage door opener but it seemed to move over the course of some months. I’ve got it bolted to the angle iron that the opener is mounted to now and it’s been stable ever since, probably at least a year. It’s also pretty easy to re-aim now too. Just loosen the plastic mount thing, move it, then tighten it back down.

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