Night Alerts Help


I setup my Garadget device and it works great. Reflection readings are 90+ closed and 0 open.

However I can’t figure this iOS app for night time alerts. I keep getting annoying notifications during the day when someone opens the door. Please tell me what I need to do regarding the alerts setup to satisfy the following request:

  • Notify if and only if garage door is left open for 20 minutes between the times 10 pm and 6 am.

Please help. I am using the latest app on my iPhone7. Firmware says 1.8.


Hi, I had this problem too until I logged in to my Garadget account (via a web browser) and changed my time zone setting there. I had to do this a second time after adding a new garage door to my account seemed to reset the time zone setting to the default, but it has been stable since then.
Rob Hills
Waikiki, Western Australia


@bigdoghorn, are you able to select your time zone in the settings for that feature?


Yes, my time zone is set for Central Time. I live in the Dallas, TX area.

Is anyone else able to get these night time alerts working without getting open notifications throughout the day?


Do you stop receiving the night time alerts when you disable the feature in the “alerts” page?
Can you send a screenshot of the alerts settings and sample alert message on your phone?
Also If you PM me the ID of the device, I’ll check out the info on the server side.



You also have “open” notification enabled which notifies you about the opened door any time of day or night.
If you only want “open” notification during the specified night period then turn off event alert for “open” but leave night alert enabled.