No credentials to change password or to login in the app, here works fine


For some reason my credentials are not valid, it was the same user than here in the forum, when I try to change password the app tells me the email is not registered, I been using the same email probably the last 3 years, please help.


You may be using the discontinued version of the mobile app. Please try uninstalling it and loading the current version from the App Store. When presented with the registration form, click on “already have account“ link to login.

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Problem solved per your instructions, thank you!

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Also no longer recognizing me as a user, tried PW reset but doesn’t recognize me email. When I set up a new account permission denied.

Did you have a chance to try the solution offered to previous requester?

I ran into the same issue as the OP, and upgrading the app fixed it for me too.

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