No laser light

App shows excellent connection but no laser. Timing set at twice per second.

I’m the same, I think it might be faulty

First thing I would recommend is trying a different power adapter. Any USB charger will work for this purpose. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, your unit may need to be serviced. Please PM you order information and we’ll get that arranged.

Not sure if related but I noticed last night mine rarely now shows better than 60% reflection??? I’m not sure when it started but curious to know if laser power was reduced to save electricity or anything? It was barely registering in the high 40s so I cleaned the reflection pad and the sensor lens and the values only came up to the 60s. Had no problems being in the upper 90s previously.

As suggested earlier in the thread, please try a different power adapter to see if that gets reflection in 90s again. This also can be subject to ambient light so for consistency of the experiment test when it’s dark in the garage.

I’ve literally done nothing more except have the garage open earlier in the day when i mowed the lawn and yet tonight (now) under the same conditions as last night i’m back to getting 98% reflection???

Was there an update or something that may have been interfering with power/laser light levels?

Something else had to have been going on

No recent changes/updates that would affect the reflection levels.