Not automatically reconnecting after power loss

I just tried to setup and test my Garadget today. I found that when the power goes out or is disconnected, that the web app or the Android app won’t find it again until I either re-setup the Garadget or press the reset button. I read on other topics on the forum that it should automatically reconnect to the WiFi router.

After setting it up, it works correctly, but when I unplug it to simulate the power going out and plug it back in it:
turns on the white LED for half a second,
changes to a rapid flashing green LED for two seconds,
changes to a rapidly flashing cyan LED for half a second,
changes to a pulsing cyan LED - I read this means that it is connected to WiFi normally, but the web app says “timed out”, “offline __ s”, or “loading” and the Android app says offline __ s. They both have a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it. This lasted up to two hours before I re-set it up or pushed the reset button.

I have already tried:
Closing the app and relaunching it.
Logging out and back in on both the web app and Android app.
Checking under the settings section of the app - When it doesn’t see the Garadget, it says “last contact time since I unplugged it and plugged it back in ago”.
Waiting two hours for it to automatically reconnect after plugging it back in

Again, it does reconnect correctly when I re-set it up, or press the reset button, but I would rather not do this every time the power goes out.
Do you have any recommendation on what to try to get the Garadget to always automatically reconnect when the power goes out?


Thanks for detailed diagnostics. Normally, Garadget reconnects after power failure. Before we look any further, please PM me the device ID and I’ll check the event logs.


Was anything discovered here? I have the same issue. This morning I had to re-add one of my units after a power failure yesterday.



It’s been a while and I don’t exactly recall the resolution to this particular case, but please feel free to PM of your unit as well and I’ll take a look.

In my case, I didn’t have to re-add the Garadget unit to get it back on my account (although I did try that and it did connect that first time). I could just press the reset button on the Garadget unit. This was still a concern for me because I wouldn’t be able to reset it with this button when it was high on the garage door opener and if I was outside the garage after a power outage.
I did some troubleshooting with garadget and found that the unit was “connecting to the server but not exposing functions and variables to the server”. garadget tried re-flashing the firmware, but it was still not automatically reconnecting to the app or web app after disconnecting power and connecting the cord again.
I tested the Garadget unit with three different routers to determine that it wasn’t the router causing the issue. It still said “loading”, “timed out”, or “offline” on the app until I pressed the reset button on the unit.
We then tested a few different USB power adapters to rule out the power supply being the issue. Since none of these troubleshooting steps got it to automatically reconnect, we determined that it was an issue with the Garadget unit. A new Garadget unit worked as it should after a power loss, with it automatically reconnecting.

Thanks for your thorough troubleshooting and report. If we haven’t done it already and if the issue is still present, please PM your order info to arrange the replacement.

I’m having the same problem. I pulled the power to restart the unit (new wifi extender). I get an online notification, and then initialized notification. But then the unit shows up as offline. The LED goes from flashing green, to flashing cyan, then pulsing cyan.

I ended up reregistering, but it’s annoying to do that every time I lose power.

On the bright side my signal strength went from a range of -40~-50 dB to -10~-20 dB.

Pulsing cyan indicates a successful connection. @pedantic, do you also see it offline in the web interface? If you PM me the device ID and time the app reported your unit as offline, I can check the server log and see if it was connected or not.

My first one worked so good I bought another one this won’t reconnect to my phone but does fine on my computer. I can’t seem to solve this problem

There is no direct connection between the Garadget and the mobile device or computer. Garadgets communicate through the sever so if at least one of your devices can talk to your unit then the bad connection on Garadget’s side is pretty much is ruled out.

Do you experience difficulties using Garadget from your phone via the web interface? Is there any difference when you’re on WiFi vs Mobile Data?