Not Laser and M button does seen to work

We recently move and I was installing the unit at the new house. At first it turn ok, a few minutes later the laser stop. I tried connecting and disconnecting the unit, used a different charger, move it close to the router, pressed the M button to reset the unit, after pressing for 10 sec nothing happened just a cyan light not other colors

If you get the cyan LED then obviously your unit receives the power and it is connected to the server.
Depending on your unit’s warranty status and your appetite for DIY, here are some options:

  • make sure scan period in settings is set to default “once every second”.
  • open Garadget and inspect the solder joints around laser leads (cracks, separation of wire etc.) You can gently poke at solder joints to see if that makes the laser come back.
  • bypass laser control as shown in the picture below by shorting the the component that drives the laser. If the laser lights up, then the command does not come from the module. If it does not light up then laser or its connection has failed.

The replacement lasers are cheap and abundant. More information on getting it swapped out is in this post.

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Hi Denise, thx for your response. I forgot to mention the cyan light is not a solid one, the unit on the app is offline and I can not reset it to try to install it again. I bypass the laser and it worked

Then it’s not a hardware issue, but server connection issue.
There were several units quarantined due to long inactivity, I cleared them for connection.
Your Garadget might have been one of them. Try powering it up to see if it connects.

Nothing, in the app it said the unit has been offline for 26 hours

There could be something with the router that blocks Garadget from reaching its server.
Check the blocking, parental controls and things like that.
For troubleshooting you can configure one phone as a mobile hot spot and use another WiFi enabled device to configure Garadget to connect to that mobile hot spot. If Garadget gets online this way then the issue is with your router’s configuration.

How am I going to setup a new wireless connection if the unit doesn’t allow me to reset the network. Every time I press the M key for 10 secs o more the unit still stuck in the cyan blinking light

Another thing to try is go re-flash the firmware.
If that doesn’t work or seems too technical, pleas PM me for the service arrangements.

How I re-flash the firmware?

I fixed the link: Garadget firmware 1.24