Notification Delays


Normally I am getting notification of a opening door within seconds but at certain time of the day it is delayed by 10-30 mins then sometimes does not come at all. Seems to just be when I arrive home from work between 430-5pm


Are you referring to the push notifications from Garadget app or notifications from IFTTT triggers?


The push notifications on app, then if I check the status on the app it says the door is still closed.


This could be lag on your phone. See if switching from WiFi to Cellular or back updates the status.
You can also compare it in web app:


Next time it happens I will check the web access straight away.


It happened again at 430 when I got home, I jumped on the web page and check at it still said it was closed. I took a couple of photos of the settings at the time.


Do you see laser blinking? What does it hit while the door is open to get to 57% reflection?


Hey thanks for your help. Yep the laser was blinking. It hits the garage door when it’s open but don’t usually have a problem with it.
Does it matter if the temperature is hot? The sun doesn’t get anywhere near the laser.
When it didn’t read I actually put my hand in the way to block the laser at the door and the reading didn’t change nor did it alert me. Once I opened and closed the door twice it started to alert me every time.


I wouldn’t think the temperature is at play here. How far is the door when the laser hits it in open state?


I will check but it is the same length away as when it is open as the door is a sectional door. It’s just weird that it only seem to happen at certain times of the day.


Garadget reports the door as closed because it sees the reflection.
Now we just need to figure out what causes it when the door is not closed.
You can troubleshoot using web app by monitoring the reported reflection as you open and close the door in the condition when false reporting occurs.


Reyes again today. Got home no report of the door open while standing in the garage. Open and closed the door the a few times watching the app and no change. As soon as I put my hand over the laser at the unit the door said opening.


Do you see the information in the app/web update as you observe incorrect status?
E.g. timer is going, the reflection is slightly fluctuating in settings etc.

I’m trying to determine if the connection is active or the status is not reflecting because of the communication lag. It is possible that the issue is caused by your phone switching between cellular and WiFi data.