One of two units goes Offline


I have two Garadgets. One is called East Door and the other West Door. I have come home now twice and the West Door is offline.

When I remove power and replug the device in, it is logged back in. The East door has never gone offline.

Signal Strength: shows -38dB which is not significantly different than the -37 dB shown by East Door.

Any idea why one would be going offline when the other is not?


Please try swapping the power adapters and cables between the two. This will rule out some of the potential causes. Next you can swap the units between the garages (remove M4 screw to separate from the mount).


I have replaced the power supply with one having two outputs both capable of 2.4a.

The Units seem to go offline at random.


Ok, you can try swapping locations for more troubleshooting or PM the order info and we’ll replace the one that is not staying online.


What I have done is put both devices on a single power supply which is remotely switched. The devices are about 6’ from each other. I call the one East Garage and the 2nd device West Garage but they are in the same room separated by 6 feet. The Wifi Hotspot is a NetGear Orbi which is 6 - 8 feet from the two devices but on the upper floor of the garage so there is a wall (Floor actually) separating them. As you see, the Wifi signal is quite strong. excellent (-39dB) and excellent (-32dB). I am able to power cycle the units remotely when they go offline. Sadly the offline notifications do not seem to work. I get opening and closing notifications but no offline/Online notifications.

I have all events logged to Spreadsheets, I will PM you links to the spreadsheets and shots of the settings pages of the devices. Please let me know soonest how to proceed.