Power via Extension Port

Hi, Denis, I finally got both garage doors workin on my routines but I have a new problem where my garage is going off line. I notice the power get disrupted at times through the USB connector. Some times I have to hold it by hand. Is there a way I can solder the the USB power without the connector?

It’s possible to supply 5V power through the extension port, but I can just repair your unit. Please let me know how do you want to proceed.

How can I get it repaired, Please let me know

How easy it is to supply through extension port

Re. Extension port:

  1. I2C SCL
  2. I2C SDA
  3. +5V
  4. GND

Power can be applied to the last two pins +5V and GND. In USB cables these are red and black wires respectively. Connection can be made with the dupont style connector.

Re. repair: Please see instructions in this post.

Is it the port that looks like an ethernet port which has four pins. I manage ti crimp the USB port and make the cord stay, dont know how long it will last. I also moved the mounting location rom the opener body to the wall so there will be less vibration

Yes, that’s this one:

If the power connection is unreliable and you don’t want to deal with the extension port, then please mail your unit back and we’ll get it fixed.

Thank you for your excellent and quick response, client centred after service is the mainstay of a business. My warranty period runs out at the end of November. I will try my new set up for a month or two. if it fails I will send the unit to you for repair.

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I just wired mine through the I2C extension, works fine. I always have problems with those darn USB micro connectors.


(That’s an MPC2 connector. From top to bottom in the image, empty, empty, positive, negative.)


We recorded a demo for quick at-home power connection fix for an international customer. Apologies for the soft focus.

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