Problem Overhead Door Corp Model 455

I have a Overhead Door Corp Model 455 opener.

When I connect the wires to the terminals marked “push botton” and “common”, the Garadget app will operate the door once, then the light bulb on the opener will continue to flash and neither the wall push button or the app will operate the door.

If I disconnect the Garadget wires from from the door, it will operate using the push button on the wall.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?

Try increasing the time of the Garadget’s button push (“Relay On Time” in settings). It is possible that the shorter push is interpreted by your opener as the “lockout” feature.

Thanks. Just tried the longest setting on both relay on and relay off time and still the same problem. Tried shortest settings and also tried 2 settings in the middle. Unfortunately no luck🙁

Do you have a continuity tester? Something to check that Garadget relay closes for a short period of time when you issue the command and then goes back to open.

On the opener’s end you can try and temporarily short the wires you connect to Garadget to make sure the door starts moving and remains responsive to the wall button after that.

Thanks for the response. I am an amateur… I’m not sure exactly how to do the things you’re asking.

No worries. There are these two wires you connected to Garadget’s blue terminal. Disconnect them from Garadget and temporarily connect two exposed conductors. This is the equivalent of pressing the button.

If the wiring is correct, the expected result is: door starts moving and after it stops the opener is still responsive to the commands from the wall button.

Also from the picture it appears your photo-eye safety feature may not be installed. Please keep in mind it can be unsafe to remotely control your garage without all mandatory safety features in place.

Yes. Touching the two wires does operate the door. If I don’t connect the wires to the Garadget the button works as well and I don’t get the flashing light bulb.

The only thing I can think of, is the relay in Garadget getting stuck.
They’re 100% tested before shipping, but things can happen.

To confirm the issue, you could use multimeter - the measuring instrument that among other things has the mode for testing the continuity of the electrical circuit. But realistically, if the problem with relay is confirmed, there isn’t much you can do about it. Let’s just exchange your unit.

Okay How do I do that?

Just send it back through Amazon?

Amazon is fine.

If you send directly (instructions) I’ll dispatch the replacement as soon as the tracking for your return is available or if you prefer that I can repair your unit so you don’t need to setup a new unit. Let me know your preference.

You can just send me a new one. The set up is easy.

What your name and an email address so that I can send you the tracking information?

Thanks very much. You have been so responsive. While I’m not happy that it didn’t work I am extremely happy with your responsiveness.

Thanks for your feedback.
You can message me directly through this forum (profile picture -> message).