Raynor Pilot II wall control 882 RGD

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I just received a Raynor Pilot II opener. It has a wall control panel model 822 RGD. Can I use this with garadget? If so how do I connect it? I am an experienced electronics tech so I can solder. I assume the output of the garadget is a contact closure and I should be able to connect it across the existing switch in the wall control without having to buy another remote. Does any one know the pin configuration of the switch in this model. It looks to be the same as the switch in the three button remote but I would like to be sure.


Is it like this one? Looks like exact copy of Liftmaster. According to page 17 should be red and white terminals (two on the left). Just twist the garadget wires with the existing wires going to the wall console and before inserting into the terminals.

And yes, Garadget just uses a dry contact reed relay to simulate a button press so it can be connected to anywhere as a button (current up to 0.5A).


It is exactly that one. The people at chamberlain (Liftmaster) said shoring those contacts together will not work. They indicated that the remotes communicate with the opener via a complex proprietary serial protocol.

I was planning on taking one of their remotes or their wall controller and connecting it across the switch on the PCB inside. I am planning on doing that with their 883LM which is a simple wall button remote.


Ah, ok. For hooking up with 883LM please see this post.