Reflection Rate keep falling below 5%


I’m receiving false positives notification for open/close. I noticed my reflection rate will be as high as 95% but over the course of a few days it will fall below 5%. This will trigger the repeat false notifications. What is the likely cause as to why my reflection rate fall below 5%? The laser beam is dead center of the reflector pad.


To rule out the power related issues, first please try temporarily replacing the USB power adapter and microUSB cable. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then we’ll look into laser replacement.


Make sure the sun isn’t interfering with reflector pad or the pad isn’t next to a bright window.


For me there was some moisture from condensation that was affecting the reflection level. It would get worse and worse as more water accumulated. Might want to check that.


I replaced the USB power adapter and USB cable. Unfortunately I’m still experienceing this issue. I believe the sensor may be the issue.


Does your garage have windows?
Can release rope get in the way of the beam?


My garage does have windows, however, I don’t believe sunlight or lighting is the cause. Until a few weeks ago my garadget had been operating fine over the course of several months. The release rope is not in the way of the beam. I took a picture of my garadget sensor location. I also took a video recording that I can try to send, hopefully, this can help in troubleshooting this issue, thanks.


With the reflection dropping, does it happen continuously where it goes down and stays there for extended periods of time or does it happen as occasional single scans below the threshold?


It’s continuously where it go down and stay there. My current setting are:
Reflection: 0%
Scan Period : Every Second
Sensor Reads : 3
Sensor Threshold : 5%

The reflection rate has been below 5% for most of the day so far.


I should also mention, my garage is a three car that has two separate garage doors. The second garage door also has a garadget sensor installed and there has been no issues with that sensor.


Thanks for the additional details.
Please PM your order info and we’ll get the service request going.