Sensor Angle Limits?


Is there a angle limit (up/down, or left/right) to which the sensor will still be able to read from the reflector reliable? Right now, I have the standard setup. Device under motor, reflector on Door, aimed pretty straight. However, worried about it moving because of vibrations or extreme temperature, tape coming off, etc. I was thinking about moving the sensor, screw it into the wall, and put the reflector on wall, where the garage door will block the view when open. It will prolly be about 20-30 degrees.

Yes, I know I can just try it and see if it works, but if someone already know that they tried a setup with like a 15-20 degree angle, and doesn’t work well, then there is no reason for me to waste my time trying…



In my experiments 20 degree worked fine but I may start lose the reflection around 30.
It’s worth a try if it will solve the issue.