Server offline?

I have two Garadgets and they were both working fine until this morning and both now appear offline and I get a timeout in the app. They were both pulsing cyan slowly and I power cycles both and now they are both pulsing cyan quickly. It seems odd that both would fail at the same time. My WiFi connection is fine so I am wondering if the server is offline?

Use your phone to reconnect like you did the first time you set it up.

Mine are also off line this morning.

The same is happening with my devices. I’m assuming that there are server problems.

There seems to be something going on with the authentication server because when I try to log out of the app I get a timeout error and also when I try to login to the web cloud service it gives me a timeout error.

Looks like things are starting to work. I was able to log into the web portal and after power cycling my units again it appears to be working.

I was having the same issue but was recently able to get back into Garadget. Is anyone having issues with IFTTT applets not running?

There was Particle network outage and they are working on getting that fixed.
You can monitor the status at:
Apologies for the inconveniences and thank you for your patience.

Mine’s online now

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Twice in two weeks it hasn’t worked right at the time the other half has to go to work. Impressed she is not. I am getting annoyed having to sort it out. Last week a token, This week a server…ugh

It was a simple case of logoff and logon to the app for me. Not too onerous.