Setup with local WiFi control only


I just bought my first Garadget because it offered WiFi support and not Z-wave etc like most others.
I do NOT want the device cloud registered / connected, I only want to control it from my local network.
I have the Garadget connected to my home WiFi and I can see it in my network connected devices list. I can’t get the app or Alexa to see the device. If it is not possible to use Garadget without connecting to the cloud I will be returning it.


You’ll need a cloud connection for those. Garadget now supports MQTT protocol, which allows it to be used locally with the compatible home automation hubs, but Alexa is a cloud based service.


Ok just to confirm, I can’t even use the Garadget app to control it unless the device is cloud connected? If that is true I kindly suggest you offer that capability.


That is correct. The smartphone apps typically connect to consumer devices via the cloud server. Alternatively users will have do maintain static IP addresses, or use dynamic DNS, configure port forwarding etc.

We’ll look into the option to use the app while the phone is on the same network as the device. Though allowing the device to accept the incoming connections opens the whole can of worms when security is concerned.


How do I tell if I have the MQTT capable firmware?


The firmware is in the testing stage. I can upload it to your device over the cloud or send you the binary so you can upload it via USB (drivers install required). You’ll need a local MQTT broker like one in Home Assistant or Mosquitto.


Ok please push the code


I have the device registered to the Particle Cloud for now… I have the Alexa integration working however I notice the Garadget does not show up in the Alexa app list of Smart Home devices for control and status.


It takes a different type of Alexa skill for device to appear in Smart Home devices. Currently we’re using “Custom” skill, because there were no “open/close” choices for home automation devices (just turn on, turn off, dim etc.). Now there are lock/unlock commands available and smart home skill is again a consideration.


Been using 3 of these for over 3 years, never had an issue. Love them. Simple and easy. No need to be any more complicated. Alexa seems to be just a gimmick, I can see my kids messing with me, yelling in the window, hey Alexa, open the door… I like to be the only one that can open door with phone.