Sign On Problems


My iOS devices (iPad and iphone) are both asking me to sign on to the app again but won’t accept my credentials. I’m pretty sure I’m using the right email address but it won’t let me sign on or reset my password.

Anyone else having the same trouble today ? Last time I used the app to activate the door was Thursday 22/6 and I was getting alerts ok on Friday.


Please let me know if you need help resetting the password for your Garadget account.


Hi Denis,

Thanks for the help but within 30 minutes of my posting, I was able to logon with my current details.

I wonder if it was a server side glitch ?



You’re very welcome. To my knowledge there wasn’t any server maintenance at the time. We can chalk this one off to a glitch, but don’t hesitate to contact me again if the you experience this problem again.


Hi @garadget . Was wondering if you can help me with resetting the password for my account? Im having the same problem that Rob was having. It was working fine and recently I added a second garadget and about the next day I started having this problem. Is there some sort of bug when you use two of them on the same account.



Sure, Stan. Please PM me your account email and I’ll initiate the reset.
EDIT: found your account by matching with your community board account. Reset email is on its way.


Thanks @garadget for the quick response. Couple things to note:

  • Clicking on the link you sent me via email gives me a message: “Customer associated with token does not match”

  • Since I was unable to log in with my original email account, I had to recreate the account so I can log into this forum to request help. Its as if my original account got deleted? I have 2 other email accounts that I use but neither of them were recognized when I try to use the “forgot my password” link…

  • Also when I try to log in via the app using the account I created to sign on in to these forums, Im getting a error msg saying that my email/pass combination is wrong…

At this point Im thinking my best bet is to start a new account and re-pair my garadgets to it…



Sound like there’s some confusion between the accounts. I would recommend picking one you’re going to use and moving your Garadget to it by initializing it from within that account. If you need help resetting the password, please PM me the email of the account you’re using.


I’m having the same issue with asking me to sign in, but signing in on the app it says incorrect credentials. It happened this morning for some reason, but worked fine for 6 months prior w/o ever asking to re-sign in. I can login successfully with the same account info on this forum, but the app won’t accept the login. I wrote the login info down so I know it’s correct. I requested a new password out of curiosity, but the app says that email doesn’t exist? It’s like the app lost my account or a connection to the account server.

I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but nothing changes.

Any ideas would be great.


I initiated a password reset on your account. Please check your email and follow the instructions in the message.
Let me know if this doesn’t resolve the login issue.


That did it, the app appears to be working now.


Yes, I am having the same trouble. Started about an hour and a half ago. Unable to login. It’s like the site no longer recognizes my account, either from the app or the laptop(???).


I also initiated a password reset on your account. Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the problem.


Sorry, the reset password page does nothing. I click the reset button and the page just sits there. The browser does not initiate any action. I’m at a loss to understand how this happened. This thing has worked flawlessly ever since I installed it. All of a sudden, this morning, the app acted as if I no longer had an account and would not acknowledge my login credentials. I had to create another account just to get this far. Does this mean that my door won’t be listed now?


By “another account” do you mean the account for this community board? It’s independent from your Garadget account and will not affect it. I’ll contact you via a personal message for the information from the password reset email.


Yes, for the community board. That’s great if they are different. The question is, how can I get back in? My original password should be working, but it doesn’t.


The reset procedure with your link worked for me. I’m initiating another one so you can try again.