So I think I screwed up my Garadget....Help

So I claimed my Garadget to a particle account and now it doesn’t really function properly. I had read there was some issues with that, I guess I should have paid attention.

So I unclaimed my Garadget from my particle account and when I did that my Garadget disappeared from the Web page.

Can I just hard reset the Garadget and start over?

If you login to the web interface with your Particle account then you should see your Garadget there.
To restore your unit to the Garadget organization account login into that account and follow “add door” procedure from there.

I have used the same email address for both accounts. Is that going to be an issue?

Yeah, Particle has hard time distinguishing the accounts in this scenario.
Just register a new account with a different email. Even different capitalization will be sufficient.

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Thank you that fixed it!

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