Sourcing and Manufacturing

In the spirit of openness and transparency, we’ll be reporting about our progress fulfilling the crowdfunding commitments from components sourcing to shipping.

Garadget’s recipe has a long list of components and our job is to negotiate with over a hundred of different vendors to pick about a dozen who will supply the high quality parts at the reasonable price. Here are the major components being sourced:

  • Particle Photon P1 Modules - ordered and delivered
  • Small Components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diode) - ordered and delivered
  • Laser, photo-sensor, relay - ordered and delivered
  • Connectors - ordered and delivered
  • PCB - manufactured and delivered
  • USB cables - ordered and delivered
  • USB adapters - manufactured and delivered
  • Injection Molded Plastic Cases - manufactured and delivered
  • PC plastic light pipes - ordered and delivered
  • Hardware (screws and nuts) - ordered and delivered
  • Adhesive Pads - ordered and delivered
  • Reflective Tags - ordered and delivered
  • Opener Control Wire - ordered and delivered
  • Screwdrivers - ordered and delivered
  • Packaging (molded pulp + cardboard box) - ordered and delivered

Just some of the stuff waiting final assembly:

Surface mounted components on the reels:

More lasers than in Sci-Fi movie:

Screwdrivers anyone?

Some USB cords

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Selecting the right reflectors…
We have a winner!

subjective review

based on sensor’s confidence level in challenging conditions

Received Garadget Cases:

Garage controller control wire:


Power adapters:

At this point we’re only awaiting for P1 modules. Meanwhile we’re going to setup and test-run the manufacturing process with the few modules that we’ve ordered through the Particle’s retail channel.

Another item remaining on the list is the product packaging. Our plan is to minimize the environmental impact by relying on the recycled materials and minimal ink. Garadget’s packaging is going to be a molded pulp tray (think egg carton) inside of corrugated brown box with black print. We’re negotiating the details with several vendors.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Is it possible to purchase a pcb from you?

Yes, @clifford.hubbard I have several here in Colorado.
You’ll need a reflow oven to assemble it though. Stencil makes the life easier but you should be able to deposit the paste manually. PM me if you’re up to the the task.

I am interested. How much? Also are any of the components through hole?

Awesome, details in PM.

Garadget’s molded pulp tray designed to work for all 4 outlet types:

Garadgets are finally rolling off the conveyor.

All functions of Garadget are tested using special version of firmware

Units after final mechanical assembly

Finished product

Looks like we should be receiving the units soon, can’t wait. Thanks Denis, for your commitment and staying on track with the project. Also, thanks to everyone else, who has worked on making garadget available on multiple platforms.

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