Start-up/ Installation issues


I have installed my unit and am having inconsistent performance. I spliced into to the wires leading to the opener and have been able to mount the unit on the garage ceiling, so it’s very stable. The reflective dot is mounted on the door and repeated cycling tells me that the open/closed positions are recognized.

The problem: It only works 1 time. Using the app, once all connected, I activate and all seems to work okay. But nothing I do subsequent to that initial tap caused any physical reaction of the door. When closed, the app starts the animation that looks like it’s opening, but because the door isn’t physically moving it goes back to showing “closed XXs”.

Here’s the latest example of my bafflement. The app causes no activity. The cyan light on the unit is flashing. The red laser flaw in in the middle of the reflective dot, door closed. I disconnect one of the lead wires and reconnect it. I try the app again. The garage door activates and the door goes up. The app still shows the door as closed. A couple minutes later and it still thinks the door is up. I close the door using the wall switch. It registers the door as closed. I try to open the door using the app and the animation starts, but the door does not physically move and the app reverts to “closed XXs”.

Settings (I haven’t changed them as far as I know)
Signal Strength = excellent (-45dB)
Reflection 34
Scan period = every second
Sensor reads = 3
Sensor Threshold = 25
Door Motion Time = 30 Seconds
Relay On Time = 0.3 Seconds
Relay Off Time = 1.0 Seconds

I can unplug the unit, push the R button on the unit, and/or restart the app and nothing changes. The only think that I can do that seems to make any difference is to physically disconnect a lead from the garage door opener and then reconnect. Then I get exactly 1 activity via the app (open or close).

I’m open to suggestions.

Garage door opener is a Liftmaster Elite Series Model 3850 Security+


Sorry about your issue setup issue, John.
If you short the wires connected to the terminal in the back of Garadget, do you always get the door reaction equivalent to pressing the wall button?


Yes. If I remove the wires from the back of the Garadget and touch them together, the door opener activates as expected. Multiple cycles tested.


Ok, let’s establish now what leg of the communication causes instability. Do you have a Ethernet connected PC to try with the web interface? If that fixes the link then the problem is with the phone’s connection to the server. If not then it’s connection between the hardware and the WiFi router or between the local network and the server.


Okay. I connected a PC via Ethernet and went to I can see the unit, but when I click on the garage door icon, the animation starts, but the door doesn’t actually move. Sometimes I get the red exclamation and a “timed out”.


John, please PM me your device ID.
I’ll look into it from my end. Could be some network latency issue between your LAN and Particle servers.


I got curious and started messing around with the settings. I changed the “Relay On Time:” from the default 0.3 to 0.5 and now it seems to be working. Testing on both web app and iPhone and it goes up and down and reads open/closed as expected.

It seems like it just needed a longer button push.